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Tommy Checks In

November 15, 2016

Worshipful Tommy Hayes, Chairman of the Committee on Masonic Home Ambassadors checks in with a guest post today!

Hello Brothers and Friends,

There are certainly some things in life that we will never fully understand, or appreciate, until we experience them, personally.

The Crown Jewel of Virginia Freemasonry is very much like this.

As Virginia Masons, we support MAHOVA with a small portion of our yearly dues, from lodge donations and earning awards such as The Morlock Award, and Stokes Award, and with personal donations.

As Brothers, we remember our obligations to support each other, our widows, and children.

From a humble beginning, the Masonic Home has raised 835 children of Virginia Master Masons from 1890 to 1975, and has cared for more than 1300 adults since the adult division began on 1955.

If you have not visited our Masonic Home, you will be amazed when you do visit. I have heard so many first time visitors comment, that they had no idea how nice it is, how clean it is, how friendly and attentive the staff is, and especially, how much they enjoyed visiting with our brothers and sisters who reside there.

My brothers and friends, MAHOVA is indeed, our Crown Jewel, that, you really need to experience by visiting, in order to fully appreciate.

I strongly encourage you to visit soon. You can be “A Force for Good” by deciding to bring a carload of brothers to experience the Home soon.

You will feel blessed, you will be impressed, and you will enjoy making new friends there. The experience will make a difference in your life, and the lives of the new friends that you have yet to meet.

May God Bless You, our Country, and our Masonic Home of Virginia!

See you there!

Tommy Hayes, Chairman, Committee on Masonic Home Ambassadors

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