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Relationships are a Source of Healing and Well-Being

July 11, 2023

Recently, a new Surgeon General Advisory was released by United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy recognizing the “public health crisis of loneliness, isolation and lack of connection in our country”. This release noted that “even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately half of U.S. adults reporting experiencing measurable levels of loneliness”. He noted that “relationships are a source of healing and well-being…one that can help us live healthier, more fulfilled, and more productive lives”. In fact, it was noted that a lack of social connection can significantly increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and developing dementia. Not only does the lack of social connection significantly increase the risk of premature death, it also contributes substantially to mental health challenges. We have all witnessed the impact of severe mental health challenges too often in our country. Dr. Murthy went on to say that “there is a medicine hiding in plain sight: social connection.” MAHOVA – Your Masonic Community is that medicine for many of our Virginia Masons.

Every day our residents gather together over meals and various activities, planned and unplanned. They interact with their fellow residents, staff, family and friends to enjoy conversations, books, card games, working in the woodshop, walking or biking across our beautiful campus, exercising in our fitness center, sharing hobbies, etc. Life here at MAHOVA can be as fun-filled or as relaxing as desired with health care available when and if needed.

We know there may be many Virginia Masons who are living alone and who may not be attending Lodge or gathering with fellow Masons, family and friends as often as they once were. Do you know someone who may be in this situation? If so, please reach out to them, see how they are doing and perhaps extend an offer to join you for lunch or dinner on our campus. We may be just what they need in their life: a community that gathers like-minded Masons together for an enjoyable and fulfilling life style.

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