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Cornerstone Program Providing Financial Assistance

The core mission of the Home is to provide every qualified Virginia Mason, his wife or widow with the opportunity to join our caring community, regardless of their financial circumstances. 

For those applicants whose financial abilities may limit their ability to fully pay for the services provided, the Cornerstone Program provides financial relief.

In exchange for a percentage of an applicant’s income and assets based on the resident’s level of care needs, plus the transfer of life insurance policies and real estate, the applicant receives LIFE CARE.

All CARE –  food, housing, medical and otherwise, for LIFE.

Since Virginia Masons provide this funding through their tax-deductible gifts, participants must meet additional Masonic membership requirements above and beyond normal admissions criteria.


In addition to meeting the Home’s health and medical qualifications, the Cornerstone applicant (i.e., an applicant requesting financial assistance) must meet ONE of the following Masonic relationships:

  • A qualified Master Mason in good standing who has reached the age of 65 and has been a member of the Fraternity for ten years, including the past five years as a member of a Virginia lodge affiliated with the Grand Lodge of Virginia A.F. & A.M.
  • The wife of a qualified Master Mason in good standing who meets the above qualifications, has reached the age of 62 and has been married at least five years prior to her application.
  • The widow of a qualifying Master Mason in good standing who has reached the age of 62, was married to the Master Mason at least five years preceding his death, and has not remarried.

This program is available only for residents of our apartment-style units.  It is not available for residents of the independent living cottages located in our Masonic Village.


  • Applicant agrees to transfer a percentage of all current and future income to the Home based on the resident’s level of care needs
  • Applicant transfers a percentage of personal property and other assets to the Home based on the resident’s level of care needs
  • Applicant transfers 100% of all real estate to MAHOVA
  • Applicant signs over all life insurance policies to the Home
  • Applicant agrees to complete any health insurance forms for policies to be paid by the Home.


MAHOVA provides room, meals and all care FOR LIFE.  If a Paying resident’s health later requires a transfer to the Assisted Living or Care Center areas and if they have financial concerns, the resident can convert to Cornerstone.

  • The new resident will retain and can freely use all income and assets not transferred to the Home.

Cornerstones of the Home, like cornerstones of magnificent buildings, are the Masonic basis upon which the Home was built and continues to stand.

Please call our Admissions Coordinator toll-free at 1-800-262-4644, extension 177295 and ask to complete a copy of the documents necessary to participate in this program.

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