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General Admissions Information

MAHOVA is a gated retirement community of active residents who are served by a caring staff of dedicated professionals. We welcome members of the Masonic Fraternity (Masons), their wives and widows, as well as various other relatives of Masons. Two lifestyle options are available, an apartment-style setting or an independent cottage located in our Masonic Village. Access to the community is dependent on an applicant meeting the healthcare assessment guidelines consistent with the Home’s licensure with the Commonwealth of Virginia. In general, an applicant’s assessed level of care must be Assisted Level I or lower in order to qualify. Unfortunately, the Home is not allowed to admit residents who require significant levels of care due to our license restrictions. For more information on eligibility visit our FAQ page.

How Do I Apply?

Typically, the applicant will reach out to our Admissions Coordinator ( or 1-800-262-4644, extension 177295).  You may also send us an email through our Quick Contact form, available on the side of this page. The Admissions Coordinator will then begin the process of familiarizing the applicant with the Home and will get an understanding of what level of care the applicant will require. 

Each application is considered on a case-by-case basis.  Upon completing the application, the applicant’s information will be brought before MAHOVA’s Board of Governors for consideration.  If accepted, the applicant will be notified by the Admissions Coordinator to continue the admissions process.

While this is the most common process, individual applications may require additional information.  All applications are considered on an individual basis and admittance to MAHOVA is not guaranteed. 

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