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Life at the Home

June 17, 2016

Ask a resident if they wish they had done anything differently, and you will likely hear, “I wish I had come sooner.”  Many prospective residents balk at the idea of moving to the Home because they feel that they are too young, too active.  You read between the lines, and you get to the heart of their objection: that the Home isn’t a place to come live; it is a place to wind down one’s life.  So let’s address that.

MAHOVA-the-Numbers 2016Let’s start by looking at the imaginary “Average Inhabitant,” or AI for short.  AI is around 85 years old and has been living at the Home for over 7 years, meaning AI moved to the home right at the average life expectancy for an American at 78.74 years old.  A full 7 years past the average life expectancy and still enjoying life at the Home.  That’s hardly something someone winding down does.

Our longest tenured resident here has lived at the Home for 25 years.  If AI were to follow suit, AI will be 103, coincidentally the same age as our current oldest resident.  Now imagine AI moved to the Home when first eligible and lived to be 103.  That’s 38 years living on campus.  What is AI to do for 38 years?  Plenty.

We have about 5 activities, on average, in a given day.  Residents enjoy over 200 off-campus trips every year.  Masons may attend Lodge meetings and Ritual class.  And those are just structured activities.  With a library, computer room, pool tables, wood shop, fitness center, gardens, and walking paths.

Who could possibly be too young for all of that?  Every new resident discovers an abundance of activities and fellowship.  Even more, they find that life at the Home is more relaxing, knowing that their needs are being cared for, and the burdens of home maintenance are lightened.

Come earlier.  Stay longer.  Live at MAHOVA.

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