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From the Cutting Room Floor

September 30, 2016

I give speeches every so often, and before I do, I write what a plan to say in its entirety.  I never actually follow what I wrote (sometimes it’s not even close), but at least I go in with a plan.  Here’s a clip that I cut out from an upcoming talk about two of the Home’s founders, Dr. George Potts and Captain A.G. Babcock, having a conversation over dinner.

Potts: We need a home for children

Babcock: Can you pass me a napkin

Potts: We’ll need those too

Babcock: What?

Potts: Napkins

Babcock: What about them?

Potts: The kids are going to need napkins

Babcock: What kids?

Potts: Hold on, I’m getting a call

Potts: Sorry, what were we talking about?

Babcock: I can’t remember

Potts: Don’t you hate that?

Babcock: Totally

Potts: Anyway, I love these tacos

Babcock: They’re the best, aren’t they?  Say, can you pass me a napkin?

October is Founder’s month in Virginia Lodges.

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