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Family Day 2017

September 28, 2017

The season has changed to fall. The air is (kinda, sorta, maybe) starting to cool down. The Home just crowned it’s new King and Queen (congratulations Ed and Paula!) That can only mean one thing…Masonic Family Day is just around the corner.

Family Day 2017To the uninitiated, Masonic Family Day is an annual celebration of all things Virginia Masonry held on the grounds of MAHOVA. It is a celebration that dates back to the days when we were a Home for Masonic Youth, when families of residents would come to visit. Over the years, it has evolved into its current iteration: a resplendent display of Virginia Masonry and an exhibition of its Crown Jewel, MAHOVA.

With all of that said, you still may wonder, is Family Day for me? Well, I can think of a few people who might not enjoy Family Day. If you don’t enjoy fellowship and festivities, Family Day isn’t your style. If you hate parades, games, Masonic youth, or a free lunch, then Family Day definitely isn’t something that would interest you. If you are sick and tired of seeing what a Force for Good Freemasonry is, then I have terrible news. Family Day isn’t your thing. However, if you are like most of us, all of that sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday. In that case, Family Day is absolutely for you. Even if you hate all of those things, Family Day is for you.

Family Day is for everyone in our community. Come out and see our Crown Jewel. Meet our residents and staff. See what all of your support makes possible, especially if you have never been or haven’t been in a while.

Bring the family. You’ll be happy you did — there is plenty of food (thanks Amelia Lodge!) and fun to go around.

Festivities begin at 8 AM on Saturday, October 14. with coffee and donuts at Grand Lodge. New this year will be a corn hole tournament beginning at 8:30. There will be tours of the Home all morning as well, so make sure you get here early! See you then.

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