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A Love Note

February 14, 2017

Dear Family,

It’s Valentine’s Day.  You should know what you mean to us.  Has it really been 127 years?  It seems like only yesterday that we met.  Sure, we’re a little bigger now than we were then… a few more acres, a few more residents.  But we know you love us just the same.

To the residents: you fill our halls with smiling faces.  You share stories and Masonic memories.  Keeping our grounds brimming with activity, we would be nothing, just an empty shell, without you.

To our friends: your visits brighten our mood.  How can we say what you mean to us?  Each day that you spend sharing your time is treasured.  No visit is too short, no conversation too light.  Seeing you around campus brings unrivaled joy.

To our supporters: you bring us vibrancy and health.  You make us stronger than we could be without you.  It is impossible to adequately express our appreciation for all that you do to make us better.

You are our family.  We will always be your Home.



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