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Masonic In-Home Care Outreach Program Guidelines

Although the Home is physically located in Richmond, citizens from throughout Virginia can now benefit from Masonic generosity. The Outreach/in-home health care program responds to medical and health needs of the Masonic Family, age 65 and older, who cannot otherwise afford such assistance and who want to stay in their own homes.

Basic Eligibility

In general, this Program is open to all who would otherwise qualify for admission to the Home, but who live at a distance from the Home’s facility and can be best served in their own homes.


  • A qualified Master Mason in good standing, age 65 or older, who has been a member for 10 years or more, the last 5 years in a Virginia Masonic Lodge under the Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Virginia;
  • A wife or widow, age 65 or older, of qualified Master Mason in good standing ,who was married to the Master Mason for at least five continuous years prior to his death and who has not remarried.

Final eligibility will be determined at the sole discretion of MAHOVA, based upon a case by case review of the needs and circumstances of each situation.  Every case will be examined individually.

Any candidate meeting the basic Masonic home health care eligibility and desiring assistance should contact the Masonic Home, by calling the Admissions Coordinator, extension 177295, at 1-800-262-4644. It is not necessary for Masonic Lodges to officially review, approve or submit names for this program. The program is designed to avoid any complicated application procedures. Once a candidate of the Masonic Family in need is identified, MAHOVA will work with a local Area Agency on Aging to determine what services are needed. MAHOVA DOES NOT CHARGE the candidate for the basic services of the Outreach Program.

Here, you can see the Lodges currently sponsoring Outreach recipients across the Commonwealth:

Scope of MAHOVA Care Program Services

Above all, the goal of the Program is to allow Masons and their families to stay in their own homes and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The Program will provide support to eligible Masons and  relatives by coordinating with local agencies on aging. For example:

  • In many cases, the candidate may simply need assistance in gaining access to and an understanding of services already available in his/her locality;
  • Where possible, the Program will leverage the use of existing local programs in the candidate’s community, such as those provided by governmental and non-profit organizations;
  • Basic medical, healthcare or respite needs, possibly to include respite care, provided by home health care providers from the candidate’s community. Again, this effort would be performed entirely in cooperation with existing agencies on aging, where MAHOVA has developed those relationships. Decisions on these services would be based on a review of a completed  Uniform Assessment Instrument (UAI) and would be provided within MAHOVA’s annual budgetary limits.

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MAHOVA In Home Care Team

MAHOVA’s Outreach Program provides care in your own home… at no cost to you! For more information, please contact us.

For more information, write to :

Outreach Program


P.O. Box 7866

Richmond, VA 23231

You may also call 1-800-262-4644, extension 177295, or email at for more information.

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