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Dear Residents, Family, and Staff,

Across the nation and in Virginia we continue to see many subvariants of omicron. Being fully vaccinated and boosted continues to offer the best protection against severe illness especially in older adults. Our county remains an area of high transmission as does more than half of Virginia’s counties. We are fortunate that we have relatively few cases on our campus with all reporting minor symptoms. We continue to monitor resident and staff symptoms closely testing as appropriate limiting exposures whenever possible. We continue to ask all staff, visitors, vendors and those residents living in the Village to continue to wear surgical style masks at all times while in our building other than while eating. We strongly encourage all residents residing in our main facility to remain vigilant and wearing their mask whenever possible.

At our most recent Resident Council meeting I reminded all those in attendance my perspective of our culture here. I have observed and heard often over many years, we are welcoming and maintain a culture full of care and compassion for all who live and work here. Our high quality of care is focused on health and safety for all. In that regard, we are both supportive and encouraging of all those who apply to the Home for both employment and residency while being respectful of all the licensing and regulations that must be followed for the Home’s reputation and continued existence.

Additionally, I shared the important work of the Board of Governor’s Marketing Task Force created by our President and lead by our Vice President, Frank Wright, a seasoned marketing professional. After months of research and thoughtful consideration, the Marketing Task Force acknowledged the support our residents and many others have for MAHOVA’s name. However, at the same time they were looking for a way to expand the vision of the Home with a slogan or tag line. Recently, a tagline MAHOVA -Your Masonic Community, was recommended and approved by the board. This tagline will be added and rolled out in the upcoming days and months on signage, stationary, electronic signatures, etc. It is the opinion of the Marketing Task Force and shared by the board that this new tagline speaks to the shared ownership and commitment that all Masons have for the Crown Jewel of Masonry.


Anne B. Hagen, CEO

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