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New Beginnings

December 28, 2018

The New Year is filled with promises and new beginnings; it’s a fresh chapter waiting to begin.

Broken New Year’s resolutions are more common than you think. Approximately 80% of resolutions fail within the first month. This year instead of saying “this is the year I will …..”

Simply make a promise to just live better and longer.

  1. Change Your Perspective on Aging.
    Those who have a positive view, not only look and feel younger but have less cognitive decline.
  2. Stimulate Your Brain.
    Continue to read, write and interact with others on a daily basis. Social relationships can not only improve our lives, but lengthen it as well.
  3. Get Regular Exercise.
    Start slow and work your way up to at least 2 hours of moderate activity every week. That’s only about 17 minutes a day!

10% of your longevity is determined by your genes but the other 90% is in your hands! You’ll find a lot can be achieved just by being better. Why not get this year started on the right foot.

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