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Dog Days

July 29, 2016

Everything seems to slow down in the summer.[1] It’s hot. Richmond was recently rated as the fifth sweatiest city in the U.S.,[2] sandwiched between Miami and Austin. Staying cool and comfortable is a must, and bathing suits aren’t always an option.

Photo of the author, circa 2014

Photo of the author, circa 2014

At the Home we beat the heat with plenty of summer activities. Varina Lodge hosted an Ice Cream Social at the Home on July 9. And a summer wouldn’t be complete without watermelon, which Washington and Henry Lodge shared with the Home on July 16.

Of course, not all of summer is about avoiding the heat. It’s also about barbeques, baseball, and the outdoors. Our kitchen often grills burgers and dogs for the residents. Visiting groups host their own picnics in the shade of pop-up tents on the sprawling fields of our campus.

Summer is a great time to catch the Richmond Flying Squirrels,[3] a fixture in the city just fifteen minutes from the Home. Residents also enjoy easy access to Richmond’s museums and theaters (catching Father of the Bride at Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center). And how about the river? The James River seems to sparkle brighter in the summer sun.

When you’re at the Home, just because life seems to slow down in the summer doesn’t mean you have to.

[1] Except atoms and molecules making things hot, technically.


[3] AA affiliate of the San Francisco Giants

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